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SPN fic: Little Death [Dean/OFC]

Title: Little Death
Author: fallen_arazil
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Dean's first time
Warnings: Imperfect first time, may squick
Word Count: ~370
Author Notes: Really, I'm not sure what this is or where it came from. I've just been trying to tickle my writing muscles, since I've been slacking so much lately, and this is what came out.

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wish you were queer


I should never have been given a credit card. I'm an impulse shopper, only with a laptop and a credit card, I can impulse shop WHILE SITTING IN BED and AT THE SPEED OF INTERNET.

No, I did not spend my life savings. but when my mother finds out that I bought another plushie--and off the internet no less--and paid extra to expedite shipping--I'm sure that I will receive some stern glares.

Still, I stand by my decision. I really really need that 12" Eeyore plush.


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So, in case any of you were wondering why I've been the invisible woman lately ... well, there has been shenanigans at work.

Co-worker W is apparently in jail because of an unspecified number of unpaid tickets, co-worker J stopped showing up for work, leaving a note saying that her car was totaled and she can therefore no longer get to work (which odes not answer the question of how she got to work on the day she left the note, or why she never mentioned the wreck to anyone) co-worker S got a new job, and has already left for it, and now co-worker L didn't show up this morning, so we now assume that she is also never coming back. That leaves me and co-worker K as the only two kennel techs to take care of 30-some-odd dogs.

So, yeah. I've been kinda busy, and likely will be for the next week or so. I've just been too exhausted to spend much time catching up on my flist, I sowwy.

I still love you all!

radical feminist


So, here's the thing. Usually I ignore misogyny in song lyrics because, a) it's so prevalent and b) a lot of the music I listen to I don't take all that seriously as a method of actually conveying ideas. If I don't like a song's message, I ignore it and concentrate on the beat and melody, or I change the radio station.that being said, however, there's a song I've been hearing on the radio lately that makes me angrier every time I hear it.

This makes me so angry that you'll have to give me a minute to compose myself, so that I can explain why. Let's start here:
The hunted became the huntress
The hunter became the prey

The use of teh word 'huntress' here irks me, because hunter is a gender neutral term. A woman can be a hunter, there is nothing in the word that specifies it as male. Using the term huntress seems, at best, tongue in cheek, and at worst, diminutive. Oh, look! The widdle girlie is gonna hunt!

But that is a minor irritation, especially when compared to this next part.
She, with all her female guile
Led him helpless down the aisle
She had finally made a conquest


This idea that men are tricked into marriage is absolutely disgusting, cliché, misogynistic tripe. Apparently somehow we women, with our cunning vaginas, brainwash innocent, helpless men into marrying us so that we can brag to our girlfriends about how we finally 'bagged one'. After all, it's just fact that all women have no dreams and desires except to dig her claws into a man and get him to support her while she pops out his children.

Honestly, are we supposed to believe that in a society where men have all but monopolized the power that they are being forced into this legal union against their will, somehow being pussy-blackmailed into getting down on one knee and asking a woman to consent to be his wife? I mean, come ON!



winter holiday!

If anyone wants anything specific (and you better, because I am terrible with ambiguity) for their winter holiday, please let me know. (And yes, I know that I already missed Hanukkah. I'm sorry, this month has been a little crazy.)

For fics, I can only guarantee 500 words. For icons, I can only promise 2. But you may get more.

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radical feminist

brief outrage

Line in a Christmas-themed commercial I just viewed, spoken by a father looking at his daughter playing dress-up in (presumably) mommy's new shoes:

"Give a woman a pair of heels, and she can conquer the world."



Okay, let's see what this says to girls on their road to womanhood. Hmm, heels are useful only in that they make one's legs look longer, look more attractive (to men), or makes one more appealing to men. There is no real practical benefit to heels, unless world-ruling requires that one be tall, poorly-balanced, or attractive (to men).

Essentially, this is saying that the most practical, useful thing a woman can possess is beauty. It is being raised to the level of the sole requirement for success. I dont' care what the intention was--it was poorly thought out and very poorly executed. A better commercial: A man watches his daughter pore over a book, enthralled. "Give a child knowledge," he says, "and she can rule the world."


PS I promise to stop being so socio-political. Really, I do.

social commentary?


So, okay, maybe it's just me, but ...

Wouldn't it have been nice if House's new team didn't follow the same 'we're diverse!!' white male, white female, ethnic one, formula that his first team had followed? One I can let go, but when a second team has the exact same thing, it starts to look like a conscious effort to show just enough diversity.

I mean, how hard would it have been to have a non-white woman on the team? I know I saw an Indian woman among the competitors before House purged all the women. (Oh, we couldn't do that! She might not conform to our Western ideals of beauty!) Or, hell, two woman on the team? Or maybe more than one token non-white person? And really, as much as I didn't really like Amber, wouldn't it have been nice for the team's one female member to be someone strong and ambitious rather than someone who is clearly supposed to be sympathetic and emotive--that is, stereotypically female?

(ETA: All right, in all fairness to 13, she is not portrayed as a wimp, or a wilting flower. It's just that, compared to Amber, everyone else seems less ambitious, or at least more concerned about the feelings of others.)

I mean, I know this is just a TV show, okay? I and can understand the argument that House himself viewed Foreman as a token, and might view Kutner the same way, and selected him in the end in order to have one non-white person. I can see that argument. BUT. This is a TV show, and as such, the ultimate choice for cast is in the hands of the production staff, not one of the characters.

I know I'm probably over-reacting and over-analyzing, you don't need to tell me that. I know it's just a TV show. But TV shows to reflect the rest of society. So, yeah.