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Stargate 5x02 : LA Blue Girl IN SPACE

I would like to start this post off on a high note, if I may.

It's the pelvic thrust that really drives them insane ...

I'm ... a little upset by the decision to replace a historically female expedition leader (Weir, and then Carter) with a male one. It's not that I think they're intentionally trying to turn Atlantis into a more male-dominated expedition----it's just that it's sad to see a strong female role disappear from the show.

But anyway, onto my favorite part, the complaining:

-When Becket cut a tiny segment of 'tentacle' off of Keller early in the episode, it nearly killed her. Not only does this not make sense from a practical standpoint (she is supposed to be, essentially, gestating the ship, therefor it would have no reason to kill her as a defense mechanism, since it would be killing itself) but it also seems to disappear later--Teyla blasts the shit out of one of the roots, and as far as we can tell, there's no impact whatsoever to Keller.

-I wanted Rodney to save the day. :( Keller is his UST object, after all, I totally wanted him to rush in after Ronon was caught (he would be the other main character that was still infected) walk through the hole Ronon blew and give Keller the antidote. It would have been AWESOME.

-I'm conflicted about Woolsey. To be fair, I don't hate him, and the show is trying very hard to make me not hate him, so I suppose that, in that, they've succeeded. But the thing is ... I was sort of looking forward to hating Woolsey. I was almost excited to see how the team would respond to a more antagonistic commander, one whose ideology wasn't as aligned with their own, and while supposedly Woolsey is more concerned about procedure, here, the result was the same. He was not subverted, or tricked, or cajoled into doing things their way, he simply ... accepted them. It was a little disappointing.

-Where was Teyla's baby while she was off Rambo-ing? Presumably it wasn't with Kanan, as he was still separated on the mainland with the other former hybrids. But in a crisis situation like the one they were in, who could be spared to watch an infant?

I think that's all for now. More thoughts as they develop.

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