don't worry, I'm a professional (fallen_arazil) wrote,
don't worry, I'm a professional

High School Never Ends

I love my job, and yet, I hate my job.

We have a notebook we use to log pretty much everything--if a dog has a health issue, if they aren't eating, if something in the kennel is broken, etc etc etc. However, when people start having beefs with each other, the notebook inevitably becomes a catty whine-fest. W, self-important 'trainer' extraordinare, wrote three notes in the book today, whining about my darling friend K, all of which basically amounted to 'OMG I am so much better at this job that I have been doing for a month than K, even though K has been here nine months and has helped pull this kennel through several crises.'

Or: 'Wah why does no one recognize my vast superiority wah!'

God, it's driving me nuts. Thank goodness he's already given his notice, this is his last week.

Tags: egocentrism
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