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Currently Untitled Jack/Gwen-ish Fic
: Jack/Gwen, Tosh
Rating: R for nudity
Word Count: ~540
Author's Notes: This is both an experiment and the first part in a longer fic series I am considering writing. For now it can stand on it's own, but I wanted to explore the darker aspects of these characters, the things that make them fit so well into an organization like Torchwood.

"It isn't what you think," Gwen had told her, the collar of her shirt sliding slowly over her shoulder, unnoticed, showing the impression of a strap from the bra that she was no longer wearing.

"I don't think anything about it." Toshiko replied, not looking away from her computer screen, her finger's dancing over the keyboard without thought. "There's few things I think about less than who Jack is sleeping with from month to month. He seems to think of it as a management style."

"That's what-- we're not sleeping together. It was just a kiss, Tosh."

Toshiko glanced at Gwen long enough to gaze pointedly at her bare shoulder, and Gwen tugged her shirt back together, pink-cheeked. "All right, maybe it was a bit more than a kiss. You know what Jack is like, it wasn't something I planned, and I can't have Rhys find out--"

"What you and Jack do is your business." Tosh cut her off, turning back to the computer. "Stop trying to make it my concern and I won't treat it like it is."

Gwen bit her lip; Tosh could see the expression out of the corner of her eye, Gwen's straight, blunt teeth digging into her already swollen, kiss-stung bottom lip, as if considering the truth of Tosh's words.

"Please don't say anything." Gwen murmured at last, before drifting out of the building still slightly dazed, like a ghost.

She had the video file up on her screen when Jack came up behind her, and he watched with absent interest as the image of himself cupped one of Gwen's breasts, Gwen's head rolling against the brick wall of his office, her hands clutching at his shoulders, bunching up his powder blue dress shirt, one of Jack's braces hanging loose down his arm. Tosh had the recording inching forward at half speed, the resolution good enough that you could see the tip of Jack's pink tongue lovingly circle Gwen's nipple.

"I thought I had managed to disable all of all the cameras in my office." Jack said, almost idly, the sound of him sipping his coffee loud in the empty space. Tosh grinned in quiet pleasure at the comment.

"I have a mobile surveillance unit set to sweep the perimeter after standard hours. It records any unexpected motion and uploads the file to my hard disk." She glanced at Jack through her eyelashes, teasingly coy. "Someone has to know everything that's going on around here."

Jack only sipped on his coffee once more, his eyes locked on the pale expanse of Gwen's throat bared on Tosh's screen, as if perhaps he had been too preoccupied before to fully appreciate the sight.

They watched the rest of the file in silence, until Tosh herself appeared on the screen, looking innocent and embarrassed at walking in on their clinch, the files in her hands falling to the floor and scattering around her feet as she backed out of the room.

"Don't work too late, Tosh." Jack said, turning away, as on the screen he carefully straightened his hair with his fingers and resettled his braces, his back to Gwen as she fumbled with the buttons on her shirt.
Tags: fic:[torchwood]

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