ma vie en noir

So to summarize the last month (or so) when I have been invisible woman:

-Severed a tendon in my left index finger. You'd be surprised how quickly you get used to typing with nine fingers.

-Work. At what point did I become the 'go-to' person for when we find mice in the kennel? "Uh-oh, mouse. Is it dead? Better get Jennifer."

-SG:A x 1000000. I cannot get enough Rodney McKay. For srs.

-Vet. One of my rats got an abscess that recurred after the first round of antibiotics, but I think I have it under control now.

I feel like ... nay, I have been a bad e-friend. (you don't have to assure me that I wasn't, this isn't that kind of post.) The thing is, my flist just expanded and expanded, and as much as I love having tons of people on it, the more it expanded, the harder it was to keep up with, until eventually it got to the point where it was almost like work, and I would put of reading my flist, and then put it off again because the knowledge of how much I would have already missed was daunting.

I'm not going to cut my flist. I think I going to take all the comms of it, though, and I'm going to try to get it to the point where reading it is fun and exciting again, and therefore I'll want to keep track of it.

So, there you have it.


PS: If I missed anything major in the last month, drop me linkie, plz?
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Am I the only person this bothers?

So I'm overhearing my father's new shows as I walk through the living room, and I hear the (female) anchor say 'A little girl's dream since childhood ...' which makes me immediately think 'Oh, it's one of those human interest stories, like the 'make a wish' foundation or something.'

Wrong. What they were actually talking about? Jenna Bush's wedding. -_-; Yes, getting married is what little girls dream about, they long to become someone's wife, not to attain personal greatness, or accomplish great things, or even be happy--no, their dream is marriage.

Quite possibly I am overreacting, as I sometimes do, but damn did it piss me off.

don't screw with me

High School Never Ends

I love my job, and yet, I hate my job.

We have a notebook we use to log pretty much everything--if a dog has a health issue, if they aren't eating, if something in the kennel is broken, etc etc etc. However, when people start having beefs with each other, the notebook inevitably becomes a catty whine-fest. W, self-important 'trainer' extraordinare, wrote three notes in the book today, whining about my darling friend K, all of which basically amounted to 'OMG I am so much better at this job that I have been doing for a month than K, even though K has been here nine months and has helped pull this kennel through several crises.'

Or: 'Wah why does no one recognize my vast superiority wah!'

God, it's driving me nuts. Thank goodness he's already given his notice, this is his last week.



At this time tomorrow, I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, getting drunk with rivers_bend.

(Okay, we might not be getting drunk, but we will definitely be painting the town red.)

If you never hear from her again, it will be because I stuffed her in my suitcase and smuggled her back to Texas to be with me for ever and ever.

rosie the riveter

SGA fic: Be But Sworn My Love [John/Meredith McKay]

Hi. Some interest was expressed by a few of you in seeing SG:A fic from me. Here is an offering that occured to me as I was driving home from work. (please note: this fic, despite it's title, is not actually sappy. It is, however, fluff.)

Title: Be But Sworn My Love
Author: fallen_arazil, aka Djinn
Fandom/Pairing: Meredith/John (girl!Rodney au)
Rating: TEEN for bad language
Word Count: ~750
Summary: Meredith is filled with feminist rage. John understands. Really.
Author Notes: I have this strange fondness for AUs where certain characters are women. I think this is because a lot of the women in TV are poorly written, and I can't identify with them. Anyway, Rodney is one of the characters I felt a desire to feminize, so here we are.

Collapse )


I've reached the point where I cannot keep up with my flist in the time I actaully put aside to spend on that task.

No, I am not announcing a friends cut or flouncing out of lj. I'm just complaining about having to filter my flist to private journals only every time I look at it. And even then, it's just ... hard to resist the lure of other things in order to really pay attention to what I'm reading.

But it doesn't mean that I don't love all of you!


Dedicated to karaokegal

Currently Untitled Jack/Gwen-ish Fic
: Jack/Gwen, Tosh
Rating: R for nudity
Word Count: ~540
Author's Notes: This is both an experiment and the first part in a longer fic series I am considering writing. For now it can stand on it's own, but I wanted to explore the darker aspects of these characters, the things that make them fit so well into an organization like Torchwood.

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bikini season

So summer is on the way, and my sixty-something year old mother has been making noises that it's all well and good to have hairy legs in winter, but now that shorts season is coming, my legs look gross and I should shave them.

There's a part of me that really does think my hairy legs are gross, but that's exactly the reason I can't shave them, because that feeling is just proof to me of how deeply I've internalized this arbitrary double standard of aesthetics, where women are smooth, pre-pubescent-ly hairless, with long eyelashes and red lips, wearing skirts and high heels. I mean, the idea that good grooming demands I shave my entire legs purely because I happen to have internal reproductive organs is ridiculous, right?